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One of the more rare animals that Total Pest Services deals with here in Central Florida is the Fox. Florida Foxes are one of the smallest species in the Canidae family. We have two common types here in florida, the Red and Grey Foxes.

Believe it or not, this medium dog size creature can usually be found burrowing it’s home into an old Armadillo tunnel. These tunnels can reach up to 40ft long, and usually have multiple entrances. They have adapted to the humanized ecosystem here in Florida, and have no problem living in and around our urban areas.

Small animals are their favored pray, rats and mice are frequent targets that we can all live with. Unfortunately, our customers usually call us after a Fox has attacked or killed a beloved pet. Typically small dogs and cats are caught off guard by a much more nimble and prepared Fox. If you live by a wooded area or large power lines, we suggest keeping pets inside at night. Fox’s will sometimes hunt in broad daylight if they need to

Foxes generally find a mate and keep that mate for life. The most interesting part is that after mating and raising the young, the pair typically splits off to hunt and live separately until the next mating season. The female will generally avoid the male until she decides it is the right time.

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The Fox is one of the more difficult animals we have to catch. Typically quite a bit smarter than Raccoons, they are able to avoid all but the most well concealed traps. If you believe you have a nuisance Fox terrorizing your pets or home, give Total Pest Services a call today. A highly effective method to reduce sightings is to use rodent bait stations to help reduce the population of rats in an area. This can help motivate a Fox to move on to a more fruitful hunting ground. We can give a full and free assessment after a quick inspection.

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