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Carpenter Ants

It is amazing how many different ant species can invade your home. If you managed to cope with an ant infestation issue last year, you may now encounter a totally different species of ant, with different characteristics. We, at Total Pest Services, pay attention to all the species common in Central Florida, and on this page, we’ll talk about big-headed ants that are commonly seen in Orlando.

What Exactly Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are commonly mistaken for termites, especially in their early stages when flying carpenter ants take a nuptial flight to start a new nest.


  • Antennae – The carpenter ants are recognized by their 12-segment antenna.
  • Waist – It consists of one petiole segment (note) with a tip of abdomen with a circular ring of hairs.
  • Hairs – The carpenter ants have long and golden body hairs.
  • Thorax – The Florida species is unique for its thorax as it is evenly convex.
  • Wings – Both male and female winged forms possess two pairs of wings that are unequal in size

Reproduction, Diet & Habitat

The satellite colonies have no egg-laying queens, but the parent colonies have a single queen and about 2,000 worker ants. They feed on dead or living plants, insects, sweets, meats, and a variety of household items. The carpenter ants are nocturnal – they feast at night.

When it comes to nesting habits, they prefer to make their nests in existing cavities within wooden structures or feed on softer, rotting, pithy wood or styrofoam.

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Are Carpenter Ant Infestations Dangerous?

The Florida carpenter ants are not actually dangerous for your house. However, they can be dangerous for us, humans. For example, they don’t sting like the fire ants, but they do bite, and depending on their size, it can be quite painful! They are definitely not a pest you want to have around your house, especially if you have young children that could be at risk of being bitten, and professional carpenter ants removal services are recommended in this case.

The Solution — Ant Removal Services

If you want to permanently get rid of carpenter ants, you should contact a professional pest control company. If you are conducting the removal with DIY methods, the ants will most likely start nesting in new, nearby places, and you can end up with multiple nests close to each other.

Of course, before and after contacting a professional company, you can take some precautions. Carpenter ants want wood, preferably moist and soft so that they can create tunnels and chambers. Getting rid of old stumps, fallen logs, and piles of wood will definitely make your home less attractive to carpenter ants.

Get in touch with Total Pest Services for permanent carpenter ant removal services in Florida, now!

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