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Providing Pest Control to Orlando, FL Residents

The professionally trained team at Total Pest Services carries the belief that pest control shouldn’t start after you see that mouse in the kitchen, roach in the bathroom, or raccoon swimming in your backyard pool. No, you should never have to witness these critters, and we have the answer: Prevention through pest control services. Pest control services provided by our team is the key to living carefree in Florida. We live in a land of many pests including silverfish, raccoons, roaches, bats, and rats. It’s as important, if not more important, to prevent them from taking root in your home.

Total Pest Services offers the highest quality and most effective pest control services with our state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained staff. We are a pest control company who is dedicated to bringing you uncompromising satisfaction. Our team gets continuously updated on the most modern techniques and newest methods throughout their entire career. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly treatment schedules for your home and office.

technician spraying pesticide

Types of Pest Control from Total Pest Services

Total Pest Services is here for all of Central Florida rid their property of animals and insects by providing proper pest control services. It’s not always as easy as just removing the ones that you can see, but it’s about the ability our team has to prevent them from coming back. We provide service to control pest such as insects by IPM (Integrated Pest management), environment control, and or chemical control. We inspect the area and devise a targeted plan to manage the pest issue. Below are some of the services that we will provide for your family or business:

:Flea Removal: Total Pest Services will come out to your house for re-treatments for fleas. After your first treatment, these pests will show up again after 3-4 weeks if these visits are not appropriately managed. Fleas tend to hang out where your pets will sleep. It is imperative that we give you a full home inspection to protect, your pets, yourself, and your family.:Termite Extraction: Termites can cost homeowners thousands of dollars if left unchecked in the home. Their hunger for wood will cause extensive damage to homes and businesses. Total Pest Services has a comprehensive action plan to help detect, prevent, and exterminate these pesky insects in your Orlando, FL home.
:Ant Removal:Cockroach Elimination

Trusted Pest Control Services and Guarantees

Total Pest Services offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for services that we provide. We also provide a two-year warranty on all residential and commercial wildlife exclusion jobs; recurring pest control or rodent control services extend the warranty as long as those services are in effect. Meaning, we will return your money until the pest is gone for good. If you have any questions or feel like something isn’t covered, give us a call at 407-764-3068, and we will be happy to help answer all your pest control questions.

If You’ve Got Pests, Then Call the Best!