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Customer Reviews

Hired this company to finish off what another company started several months ago, and within 12 days Darin and his team got rid of our rodent issues! Thanks to them, and the work they did we are now much more happier! The quote we were given by other companies were just too expensive, Total Pest Services came back with a cost that was far less than "the other guys"!! Thanks Darin for taking your time and helping sealing our home!


I am extremely happy with my service. Darin was very professional and was great with communication!

Natalie Andrade

They were very prompt and quick to come out once I called.

Joseph Gingras

Darin and stephanie are hands downs the best! They are very knowledgable and professional. Their service was amazing. Thank you to both of you for all the help. And to the "phone guy"‐Thank you for your service.

Brian Wilson

I called truly nolen about a rat issue they tried to overcharge me and wait for them to start in 2 days. Called Total Pest services, Darin was at my house within 30 mins and was able to get started 5 mins after he took my payment. it has been a month and i havent seen evidence of a rat since darin last came by. if i can give this place 10 Stars 5 Would go to the company and another 5 would go to Darin.

Thomas Aviles

great staff that is knowledgeable and considerate. They arrive at the scheduled time and solve your issue quickly. I definitely recommend Total Pest Services for all your pest and wildlife issue!

Stephanie Cullum

If You’ve Got Pests, Then Call the Best!