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In North America there are approximately a thousand ant species. Here in Florida, we only have to deal with a little over 250 species of ants. Fortunately, very few species of ants end up being considered a household pest. The most common invaders that we see in Central Florida are the Carpenter Ant, the Ghost Ant, the Imported Fire Ant, the Big Headed Ant, and the White-Footed Ant.

Ants in a corner

Ants can be very hard for a homeowner to control, different ants require different treatments, and colonies often split up when under threat. Most ants that invade homes are prone to what is called budding, budding is a process ants undertake to make new colonies. Some ant colonies have multiple queens and will split their colonies up when they are threatened. This process makes the ant issue worse over time.

Total Pest Services identifies the specific ant species invading your home. We devise an
exact scientific treatment method based on the species of ant. This process makes our
treatment 100% effective at eliminating your ant issue in a timely manner. We offering quarterly
preventive services to help keep them away permanently.

If You’ve Got Pests, Then Call the Best!