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Total Pest Services has on occasion trapped Bobcats here in Central Florida. Bobcats in Florida can live in swampland, forest, and right in your backyard. They are generally twice the size of a domestic cat weighing between 15 lbs and 28 lbs. The Bobcat gets its name for their short, bobbed tail. The Bobcat is an efficient hunter and preys primarily on rodents, rabbits and small birds.

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Bobcats are abundant here in Florida, though rarely seen. They’re relatively exclusive and are not normally aggressive. They can become a nuisance when praying on small livestock such as chicken or even small domestic pets. Typically by the time we are called out to trap the Bobcats, they have already created quite a problem.

If your in a wooded area, or have livestock such as chickens or even outdoor fish ponds, and especially small outdoor pets, you may want to take a few extra precautions to secure these areas and your pets at night.

Seeing a Bobcat, although rare, does not necessarily mean you have a problem. Often times these animals are simply traveling through from one area to another. Female’s typically operate in a range of about 6 square miles, males venture out in a much wider range of up to 30 miles.

Total Pest Services offers humane trapping services for bobcats that have become a nuisance to you.

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